1000px-Lightning Dragon Tornado
The Tatsu no Ōshigoto (龍ノオオシゴト) translated as Great Task of the Dragon, is a counter to the Hiryū Shōten Ha.


This is an is an extremely powerful, one-shot, technique that draws natural lightning directly from thunder clouds to supplement the power of user strike by shaping it into a descending dragon with their ki. Like the original technique it is based on a clash of temperatures. Only instead of using cold chi the Tatsu no Ōshigoto relies on the use of hot chi. The high temperature of user’s chi creates an upward movement of air currents which in turn can give rise to thunder clouds. The stronger the chi the stronger the storm conditions can be made.  

Once a lightning source has been acquired, shaping and guiding the lightning to the target requires very little ki as the opponents cold aura acts as a sort of lightning rod. Natural lightning reaches the ground in 1/1000th of a second. With practice the technique can guided without the need of opponents cold aura. It is said that this technique can completely obliterate a small mountain.

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