Teema and Yun


42 & 73


(Both) Juga


(Both) Cyborg (Rank: Private)


(Both) Lawful Neutral


Simulators, explosions, big guns, being behind human weapons instead of in front of them


People mocking their language, human food, politics, machine glitches


Integrated heavy flamethrower & Hydraulic mithril claw

Fighting Style

None, juga exclusively utilize brute strength to fight

Combat Abilities

Moderate. Dermal implants and experimental graft plates make these two demons ridiculously tough, even among a species known for surviving obscene punishment. However, they are still little but armed brawlers and armor bulwarks.

Two demons that decided to enlist after their mercenary group was all but destroyed. Yun, the smart one, decided it would be best to permanently put themselves behind the humans' weapons to minimize the chances of being obliterated by those weapons. At first it seemed as if their enlistment would be refused, but Karen surprised the IEF authorities by offering to take the jugas into her personal guard.

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