, also called Mind Reading, Mind-Reading or Thought Perception/Projection is the ability to psychically communicate information from one mind to another. This can range from the If the user is not well versed in controlling their ability, the sheer volume of thoughts from our highly populated planet can quickly overwhelm them. Telepathy also loses a lot of potential when there aren't a lot of people around to influence. The ability also requires a fair bit of focus and practice; only truly advanced telepaths can hope to enter a fray alone and come out whole.

traditional reading of minds to implanting thoughts into others’ minds. This could also allow the user to project telepathic illusions (tampering with the senses, and the like), or send thought-wave "static" into the minds of those who try to invade his mind. This ability can even be used to tap into the recesses of the mind to bring forth repressed memories or forgotten information (even latent abilities) and the like. Telepathy is an excellent power for covert operations. A telepath can wedge himself into the target's mind, find information he needs, and escape with none being the wiser. Telepaths are very valuable in almost every field having to do with hidden information, in fact--detective work, spying, and the like is much easier when you can scan the thoughts of men. Telepathy is also valuable in a combat situation, allowing the user to broadcast mental anguish to a crowd, spear a single foe's psyche with a malicious thought, and so forth.

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