A very taxing, but rewarding technique where the psychic places a shard of his mind within someone nearby, someone who could by-proxy see the enemy. This technique can be used on the enemy as well. In fact a skilled master can "chain" his psionic activities - by first controlling one person, using it to spot another and taking control of that one, too. This allows them to quickly map out an area, by linking together the vision of multiple individuals. While this technique can be used at long distances, the greater the distance there is between the psychic and the individual they are synchronized with, the less they is able to see at their location. As mental probes, manipulation and subjugation is far easier when you have line of sight rather than just a basic location. Telepresence is extremely versatile; capable of synchronizing with a great amount of people, meaning that by using this technique the psychic can direct not only their actions but coordinate them with any other allies present within the perceived area.

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