Tempest aura

This technique customizes user’s ki by increasing the high frequency vibrations of it, allowing for piercing damage and fast movement. Utilizing this ki stimulates the nervous system and speeds up neural synapses to react faster to danger and push the bodies physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing user to gain tremendous raw speed and monstrous power.

True speed

While using this technique, users’ senses, speed, and reaction time are dramatically increased, enabling them to immediately react to attacks even before they're performed. Consequently, the opponent is completely outmatched in every way offensively.

True strength

The armor also increases users’ defense, drastically reducing, if not completely negating, damage from incoming attacks. In addition, the technique also increases users’ strength, far greater than that of other humans. User is now capable of easily lifting hundreds of times their own weight.

True sight

A benign skill of this technique is the ability to see ki and interpret the dragon lie lines in its rawest form.

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