The tendo-ryuu kenjutsu is an almagram of Kaze-Hoten Ryu and Kamiya Kasshin Ryu incorporating the
Tendo-ryuu kenjutsu
philosophies and techniques of both into a single unified style.

Tendo Secret Art, Wind Slash Defense

User draws their weapon and meets an attack in such a way that it creates a counter-wind that deflected it without touching.

Tendo School Special Attack, DANCE OF THE WHIRLWIND

User takes a leading step forward, drawing their weapon back and holding it in their left hand, they reached with their right hand and then move forward, shifting their posture from their left hip to their right. This attack not only requires full emphasis of the body as the lever for its execution but also the projection of the mind, spirit and emotions. It also requires a burst of speed that causes the wind itself to rise up and form a vortex that is fueled by users Ki

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