640px-Heaven Sun Erupting Hell
Tenkyuugouka (天球業火, lit. "Heavenly Sun's Hellfire"): This power changes the medium of the chain reactions that generate Yatagarasu's flames from air to virtually any other solid substance, most notably---earth. To execute this technique, Kurumi focuses her ki into a limb, and upon contact with a physical medium she violently disperses the energy which then initiates the chain-reactions to generate massive amounts of fire and heat. When used with the earth, this causes the ground beneath her to instantly liquify into molten magma, which can erupt on the surface as defeaning fiery explosions or torrents of liquid flame from geysers. As they are all the flames of Yatagarasu, Kurumi is capable of controlling them, though doing so requires a "stance" such as physical movements and gestures; typically Suzaku will use her melee skills as a means of guiding and directing the magma using it as a weapon against her enemies. As the flames have a physical component, in addition to their disintegrating touch, they're capable of inflicting massive amounts of crushing damage as they slam into the structures or other creatures. When used as a physical component for Yatagarasu's other techniques, the magma appears to augment and empower their speed to great heights, that are capable of moving at high-speeds to track otherwise elusive opponents. This could also be used by Terra and Ryoga as well.

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