640px-Heavenly Body Flare
Tenkyuusekka (天球石火, lit. "Heavenly Body Flare"): One of Yatagarasu's basic powers. The resulting heat and energy is condensed and compressed into an almost lava-like form; visually it appears as a miniature sun. The damage this technique is capable of inflicting is tremendous, for upon impact it detonates in a fiery explosion, disintegrating anything in its path. Molecules within an area are literally torn to shreds due to the amount of heat generated, causing horrific and terrible damage upon those who are caught in its area, leaving no trace of their existence. Kurumi can generate a Heavenly Body Flare without the use of a stance or body motions; simply willing it into existence within her immediate vicinity, before sending it forward at incredible speeds. She is able to control the trajectory with hand motions. This technique can also be incorporated into her melee techniques.

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