§ Tenran: Daitoppa (闐嵐大突破, Japanese for Orchid Sky: Great Breaktrough): this spell compresses the power of the Tenran spell into a cone-like shape in front of caster, as opposed to the widening arc of the original in order to add much more concussive force to the spell, allowing it to easily fling opponents away several hundred meters rather easily as well as inflict great collateral damage to its victims.

§ Tenran: Shinwa no Reifuku (闐嵐神話の礼服', Japanese for Orchid Sky: Mythical Vestments): By curving the wind produced by Tenran forcibly around their frame, caster can surround himself with a powerful force field of pure air - which orbit around him continuously at great speeds; any opponent whom attempt to hit him in close-combat will have to force themselves trough the mighty air currents before they'd be capable of harming him. And attacks, depending on their element or type may have no effect on him at all as the shield of wind is known to repel and deflect projectiles, along with water-based and fire-based attacks, due to the fact that the wind blows against the opponent, as opposed to with.

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