User slams his palms into the ground and stone spreads quickly over his body to form a rigid armor that protects the body of the user from physical attacks. Ki is infused into increase the density of the stone, making it harder than steel. When deployed masterfully the user can manipulate the stone coating his body to attack as well, forming spikes to attack at close range or firing spikes to attack long range at the cost of some of the armor. The armor will lessen the physical damage taken by the user and can also be used to draw out poisons from within, infusing the stone with it through ki use. The density of this armor restricts the user’s range of motion slightly and also negatively impacts speed, but physical strikes such as punches and kicks do increased damage. When enough damage is taken the armor will shatter, turning into sand. The user can prevent this by replenishing the stone of the armor by simply touching rocks or bare ground. The armor may be worn indefinitely due to this effect but at the cost of range of movement and speed.

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