A stylized tiara carved from a fine pale wood. Developed over five hundred years ago, the Better Than Life game works by completely downloading a copy of the players mind. It then puts the person into a deep coma, leaving the downloaded mind conscious. Using feedback from that consciousness, in conjunction with interactive circuitry, it then built a fantasy world where every dream and desire of the player can, and will, come true. In short, it creates a world that is literally better than real life. When the player is ready to quit the game, it will stop the electronic interference that keeps them in a coma, and uploads the mind in the game back into the player, leaving them with the sensation that they had really been in that world.

The game's manufacturers had claimed that the player could exit whenever they wished, and that was true. The problem was that over sixty percent of first time users did not wish to, and if not found and disconnected, their real bodies often died of neglect. The death toll in the first month of release had been staggering. However, despite this, because it was in effect the ultimate drug, to this day there was a market for the things.

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