A decent sized short sword, the blade measures at about 3 ½ feet long from the tip of the sharp blade to the end of the hilt. The blade itself is marvelously crafted, though it appears to be a mere flat blade. The blade itself is indestructible, immune to all sources of heat and acid, and impossible to shatter. A minuscule orange sphere rests in a socket fitted just above the hilt The hilt it self is crafted from a sort of bronze metal which is actually pretty hard to destroy. A thick black rubbery substance covers the handle grip. The substance is bark from a specific tree that grows only in the flame realm. The bark is immune to flame, and provides a comfortable grip for the user. If a flame elemental charges a tiny bit of his flame into the blade, the blade will ignite. Never melting, the blade becomes a part of the warrior wielding it. The orange gem is the source of the power, and in order for the blade to ignite, fire must come into contact with it.

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