The Giant's Armor

True to its name, this golden armor has a somehow barbaric look to it, given the large amount of fur trimmings present on it. The breastplate sports a cross in correspondence to wearer’s belly, a medallion similar in shape to a four-leaf clover attached to a large stranded band around her neck, and a skirt, covering the upper part of the legs, made of plates and donning fur-lined edges. The curved, decorated pauldrons are very large, point upwards and possess fur trimmings on the lower edges too, just like the large gauntlets which are seen sprouting from under them to completely cover the arms. The greaves have fur sprouting from both the knee and the ankle areas; the knee guards sport jutting metal ornaments reminiscent of dragon’s wings, and the plates covering part of the thighs are held up by straps tied behind her legs. The armor is completed by a headgear with the appearance of a pair of large metal ears.

Special Features'

Enhanced Strength: In this armor, wearer is able to increase the strength of her throwing power.

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