Infinity Gems, the most powerful objects in the Marvel Universe, which would

take multiple Cosmic Cubes to duplicate the power of all six gems united. Each Gem representing an aspect of the universe: Mind, Power, Soul, Time, Space, Reality.

The Green Soul Gem was the most sentient of the stones, they all have minds of their own but only the soul gem's mind is forceful enough for detected. They allow the ability to steal, control, manipulate or alter the souls of the living and the dead. It can absorb the souls into a limbo realm within, made to look like an idyllic pocket universe which looks like heaven. Mastery of the gem allowed for mastery of all living things.

The Red Power Gem cantains access to all power and energy that has or will exist, mastery allows for the duplication of physical superhuman abilities. The user gains invincibility, unbeatable by raw power alone. It is also an unlimited power source for any device or machine. Including the other gems allowing them to use the full power of the gems without the ability to master the other gems.

The Orange Time Gem allows complete time travel control, from the beginning of time till the end of time. It also allows one to view any point in time. Limited knowledge and control allows for the altering of the age of anything. Greater control allows one to manipulate time and causality. Time can be used as a weapon, trapping foes or worlds in unending time loops. Full mastery allows for the whole universe to be temporally controlled; slowing time down in one part of the universe and freezing in another and looping in another.

The Purple Space Gem allows for the user to be anywhere instantly, in multiple places at once in the universe or nowhere. Mastery allows for warping or rearranging space as they see fit.

The Blue Mind Gem allows all access to thoughts and dreams, as it collects the consciousness of the universe. Unskilled one could unleash the dreams and nightmares uncontrollably within your own mind. Worse, one oblivious to the dangers can have their inner demons overwhelms them. A novice can add or boost mental powers and augment the mind's abilities. More controll allows the user to tap further powers. The Reality Gems allows one to change reality, this gem can alter how you see reality. Mastery allows for control of all minds in the universe at once.

The Yellow Reality Gem makes yoru perception of reality come true. Mastery renders scientific laws meaningless, senses useless. Thie gem grants wishes, which can over whelm a novice into voiding their existence. Without the help of other gems, this is the most dangerous and uncontrollable of the gems.

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