The World


Japanese Name

世界 (ザ・ワールド)


Dio Brando Diego Brando from Another Universe


The World (tarot card)




Destructive Power










Developmental Potential


The World (世界 (ザ・ワールド), Za wārudo) is a stand featured primarily in Part III: Stardust Crusaders. Its user is supervillain Dio Brando and it is named after the Tarot card The World of the Major Arcana.



§ 1 Personality/Appearance

§ 2 Powers

§ 3 Steel Ball Run

§ 4 Trivia

wgAfterContentAndJS.push(function() {if (window.showTocToggle) { window.tocShowText = "show"; window.tocHideText = "hide"; showTocToggle(); } });'Personality/Appearance'[2]Edit

The World resembles Dio in several ways, having a tall muscular body and the same green heart motifs. It has what seems to be a stopwatch on the back of each hand, symbolizing its power to stop time.

It has never shown any personality, but in Stone Ocean, it was hinted that if not for Dio's own personality, it would go out of control.


The World is similar to Jotaro's Star Platinum with its phenomenal strength, senses and stamina, but it is faster and more accurate.

Time Stop: Its defining power is the ability to stop time (possibly in a limited area), allowing only itself and Dio to act. Given Dio's weakened state during Stardust Crusaders, however, this ability only works for a few seconds before time resumes flowing. The ability is best known for Dio's activation and cancellation phrases "Time stop!" (時を止まれ, Toki o tomare!) and "And now, time resumes again" (そして,時は動き出す, Soshite, toki wa ugokidasu).

He also has at least a measure of Joseph's psychic abilities (specifically, the ability to create a vision on a photograph). This ability is only shown once and its presence is explained by an appendix note in JOJO A-GO!GO!, which states that it was a stand power which awoke in the body of Jonathan Joestar.

It is implied in Stone Ocean that Dio wanted to use his Stand to create a perfect world for himself and a handful of subordinates. He enlisted Pucci as his living "conscience", in case he would go crazy and veer "off track".

'Steel Ball Run'[4]Edit


Added by Bohemian King

In the final chapters of Steel Ball Run, a mysterious Diego Brando appeared, summoning The World as his own Stand. He uses the stand in much the same way as the original Dio did. It is currently unknown if this version of The World has the same statistics as the original.

Of note is the fact that the main Diego Brando of the Steel Ball Run universe does not possess/use The World, but rather Scary Monster.

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