This card is based around the legends of Thor, the god of thunder and lightning. Its most basic ability is to form electric arcs. User can either form them on the tip of his fingers or at the bottom of his feet, wielding it like a part of his body. They are usually used for slicing and cutting, but can be used like boosters by explosively expanding there, which he allows him to either increase his speed or dampen falls. As they were made to cut, if something cannot be cut by the fusion arc blades user will also feel the force of it, depending on the impact that object has on his blades. The length of the blades can reach from 20 meters, to 2 kilometers in length.

Thor is the Norse god of not only thunder but that of agriculture, weather, and terrain. As such, the card symbolizes his power as the convenient tool that could be used for many different tasks and can be viewed as a magic wand of sorts. It represents the vestiges of his power over agriculture and farming before he became a mere god of thunder in Norse mythology. User becomes a spiritual tool that can be used for anything. User can absorb, store, and exude volcanic energy, then using the concept of swinging the hammer, the blast of concentrated energy is brought down literally disintegrating everything in users path; this technique rivals even mobile fortresses.

Aside from the powers of the lightning god, Thor can also use the powers of an almighty god. This magic moves the entire world around user to place him in a position where he can easily defeat his enemy or win. Indeed, even if his target is in the other side of the world, the ability allows him to move the target towards him. It operates automatically, adjusting position and distance such that none of the enemy's attacks can reach him and that he is in the ideal position to attack, such that a win or draw are the only outcomes. However it doesn't respond to things which user isn't facing as a 'target', though if he recognizes it in time he can shift his 'target' and avoid harm.

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