Tiro Yamazaki




Reconnaissance and espionage expert, Small arms support

Combat Ability

"Please don't hurt me!"





Personal Motto

"There are only three things in this world truly worth living for: Women, Sleep, and the sacrifice of the latter for the sake of the former."

Slacker and lecher extraordinaire, Tiro has moved straight into the force from his high school days with the sole purpose of picking up a girlfriend. Though he's been successful on a few spectacular occasions, for the most part he's simply made a fool of himself. Luckily, he lacks any semblance of shame or self-respect. In fact, the only thing that puts a damper on his perpetual happiness is a threat to his life; he's able to take threat of bodily harm with admirable indifference, but once he believes he's near death, Tiro becomes a complete and utter coward. Despite all this, the most remarkable thing about him is his relation to Alexandra Tokima, Tiro's cousin and general of the Freedom's Angels.

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