Combat Rank



Mathematics, Bureaucracy, Mass Murder

Transformation Class


Ethical Disposition

Does not have an ethical disposition. Is literally unaware that other creatures possess rights, feelings, or any value beyond the money in their pocket. Unable to know empathy, she relies entirely on her understanding of the rules to regulate her behavior. Where the rules do not address a situation, she acts based on whimsy and her destructive demonic impulses, often with horrific results.

The other holdover from the old Protection Committee, Tobaki is an eldritch demon striving to become a productive and responsible citizen of the human world. And she might have made it, too, if Keito hadn't been the first person she made friends with. Although she commits atrocities without a second thought and thinks nothing of the lives of others, she's firmly recast her alignment to "Lawful," and takes rules and regulations very seriously, as they're the closest things she has to a moral compass for decision-making. As a result, she's become a very effective accountant, although nobody can figure out why she acts so formal and professional whenever she puts on her fake glasses.

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