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Tokiya Mikagami is Lucifer's Holy Guardian of the East gate and the strongest of the Four guardians. He controls the power of Seiryu, the Azure Dragon. Mikagami's goal is to find his sister's murderer, because she was killed in front of his eyes.


Tokiya in thin, and even somewhat frail looking, and has been mistaken for a woman multiple times, much to his annoyance. He is also quite attractive, as proven by his numerous female fans. Mikagami has long, spiky, light blue hair and pale skin.

His hair is spiky at the top and he claims his hair is long as to bring him good luck. He oftentimes either wears a black jacket or a baggy, sleeveless shirt.


Tokiya is quite intelligent in multiple ways and calculating and has been called a genius by his sensei Meguri Kyoza, and is academically gifted as well. In battle, he treats all of his enemies equally, and is not afraid to strike a female down. He is also a talented tactician, being able to memorize how an opponents techniques work and coming up with methods of shutting them down.

At his core, Tokiya is a young man motivated solely by revenge. Witnessing the death of his older sister changed Tokiya from being a normal boy to a revenge driven swordsman. To this end, Tokiya can be incredibly cruel when he needs to be. Though he has been described as having a calm aura.


Tokiya's parents died when he was young, leaving him in the care of his older sister, Mifuyu. They were moved from different homes and shelters to another, but eventually Mifuyuu managed to find themselves a place of their own. Even though things were a bit rough, they loved each other very much and didn't mind if they were a bit poor. Some of the things he learned from his sister was that he needed to study hard and eventually graduate from a university, and in doing so be able to help her. However, those simple and happy days they spent together were brought to an abrupt end.

Two thugs raided their apartment, intending to steal the Mikagami family heirlooms, Ensui and Fūjin. While protecting both the heirlooms and her brother, Mifuyu was stabbed in the back. When the paramedics arrived and placed Mifuyu on a stretcher, she entrusted him with Ensui and Fūjin. She said that he should protect them, and that they would protect him in return. With that, Mifuyu passed away.

At that point, Tokiya's mind was consumed with thoughts of avenging his sister. These vengeful thoughts led him to a renowned swordsman named Meguri Kyoza, and asked him to teach him how to kill people. Meguri agreed and took in Tokiya as his apprentice.

It took Tokiya roughly seven years to master the sword it was during this time that he learned the true nature of the madōgu as well as how to utilize them to create his own personal style. Afterward, he left Meguri's hermitage in the mountains and traveled to the city. He enrolled in Nashikiri High School. Tokiya excelled at academics, and a teacher went as far as to say that it would be no problem for him to get into a prestigious college such as Tokyo University.

Tokiya's first appearance was when he was introduced with the other 3 guardians. However, his main introduction was when (opponent to be determined) encountered him near a lake. The two began to fish while talking friendly.

Tokiya is able to see Mifuyu for a short period of time within the Divine Design. Tokiya believes that even if Lucifer turns out to be an angel of death sent by the Devil himself, he would stay by his side in order to see the smile of his sister again.

Abilities and TechniquesEdit

Keen Intellect: Mikagami is a very intelligent person considered smart enough to easily get into Tokyo University(which is considered the most prestigious university in Japan). Tokiya is also incredibly observant in battle. He is also quite fast..

Master Swordsman: Tokiya is a master of swordsmanship, possessing flawless precision and performing lethal attacks with little effort.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Tokiya is a very fast and agile fighter. He possesses great reflexes, dodging a strike with no wasted effort and immediately counterattacking. He can strike quickly, without warning, and in rapid succession.

Enhanced Endurance: While not having the most imposing appearance compared to the other fighters, Tokiya is a very resilient fighter. Even when severely injured, he can continue fighting effectively, even ignoring wounds to the point where he seems unfazed by them.



Ensui (Dark Water) is the madōgu that Tokiya inherited. It's a sword handle with a stone at the tip with the kanji symbol for "Water" written on it. Ensui works through the complete subjugation of water elementals called Undine. It uses a source of water as a link to the elemental plane of the Undine. It allows the wielder to control water and crystallize it into the form of a blade by stabilizing the water molecules therefore it can take the attributes of each state of water. Any liquid can be used to form its blade and thus more than water can be used to form the blade.

With its ability to use the three states of water Ensui is a very versatile madōgu. The main one used is the liquid state, water. The water is stabilized and solidified into a blade. The next state used is gas where the water is converted into steam. The steam is used to hide and obscure the vision of the enemy. The third state used is solid where everything Ensui touches freezes becomes ice. This state can only be achieved when Ensui is utilized in combination with Fūjin however. Tokiya states that with his regular power, he has only been able to master controlling one madōgu at a time. Inside his territory however, he was able to release the full power and potential of both Ensui and Fūjin granting him the strength of a thousand fighters.

Ensui's power is limited by the fact that it can and will run out of water. Tokiya often uses a relatively small amount of water for Ensui's blade, such as the amount of water in a small mineral water bottle, but has also used a large amount of water from a swimming pool.


Fujin Complete
Fūjin was the madōgu that was suppose to be inherited by Tokiya’s sister, a gauntlet-like madōgu that gives its user the ability to manipulate the element of wind through the subjugation of wind elementals called Sylph and utilize it in battles. It has five small stones, with a large central stone that serves as the main source of Fūjin's power.

Hyōmon KenEdit

Tokiya's original powers lies within his swordmanship style, "Hyōmon Ken is a technique that has to be passed on from master to student. It is the purest sword form, embodying everything that a master of the blade must know. A master of Hyōmon Ken is considered a god amongst men, with technical skills that no other blade dancer can match. Hyōmon Ken is heavily stylized, depending on the usage of pure techniques and skill to win a battle.

The name of the style reflects the thought behind each stroke of the sword. The water of the ocean is all encompassing, able to bend and weave through small openings and cracks and yet powerful enough to fill the largest holes. The water is able to adapt into any shape and form, taking the position that is most fitting and efficient. When moving through the sword forms, the user must be like water, capable of standing up to anything, yet malleable enough that nothing can touch him.

It is said that the strongest attacks come from within, but not from within the user. The strongest attack comes from within the opponent. Using this idea, the practitioner of Hyōmon Ken takes the opponent and his skills and, as the cliché goes, uses it against him. Analyzing is a key component to the style. Every human has their own rhythm for every beat of their moves. Learning how opponent’s rhythm works is the backbone of Hyōmon Ken. And then by matching their breath with the same wavelength of opponent’s movements user strikes by following that rhythm. Getting out of this trap is the deadliest thing to do. When the rhythm of our moves has been discovered it means the enemy will know all our next moves simultaneously. Hyōmon Ken turns the fight into a stage with practitioner as the genius of the deadly dance.

Hyappon GekiEdit

This technique consists of hundreds of quick straight-forward stabbing blows.

Water Edit

Water Puppet (Mizu Kugutsu)Edit

This technique involves using Ensui's water to create a 'clone' of its wielder, thus giving him the opportunity to strike the opponent from an unknown direction.

Water-formed Snake (Mizunaru Hebi)Edit

This technique draws four spheres of water (representing the four directions: North, South, East, and West) into a larger sphere, and a large snake made out of water emerges upon striking this sphere with Ensui's blade

Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death (Sensatsu Suishō)Edit

Tokiya manipulates the Ensui blade so that when the sword is blocked, the water would shatter like glass and attack the flesh.

Steam Edit

Steam MistEdit

This technique involves the Ensui's water blade turning into steam and obscuring the vision of the opponent. The mist is so thick and heavy it’s like being underwater.

Wind Edit

Kamaitachi (鎌鼬, Wind Cutter)Edit

Kamaitachi is a technique wherein the Fūjin focuses wind into a blade-like form that cuts anything in its path. Kamaitachi is powerful enough to cut clean through steel.

Kaze no Tsume (風の爪, Wind Claw)Edit

This makes three long claws made of wind to emerge from the top edge of the Fūjin. The claws can be fired like a projectile and controlled with the mind.

Kazadama (風魂, Wind Spirit)Edit

This creates a ball that has been described as being made of "solid" wind, being wind that has been condensed many times over. This ball, when hurled at an opponent, delivers a considerable amount of damage. It also takes the form of a large beam of wind at opponent. The condensed blast can also be transformed into an extremely powerful serpent of wind.

Hayate (疾風, Swift Wind)Edit

Hayate utilizes wind to deliver several slashing/cutting strikes that appear as multiple beams of wind, striking the opponent from all directions.

Kazamori (Wind Shield)Edit

The technique creates a shield of wind to protect user.

Rocket DiveEdit

Tokiya jumps into the air and uses Fūjin's wind manipulation to launch himself at his opponent. When he gets close enough, he delivers a blow that power is enhanced that be the momentum and is enough to knock out a person in a single blow.

Ice Edit

Absolute Zero (Zettai Reido)Edit

This technique involves combining Fūjin and Ensui power to turn Ensui's water blade into ice and lowering the temperature to absolute zero, and anything it cuts will be frozen.

Icicle Dance (Tsurara Mai)Edit

This technique freezes water from below the ground and causes them to spring up to form icicles. Using the Master of Water card Tokiya can cause the icicles to rise into the air and use the humidity above to form more icicles, which rain down, freezing the underground water and launching it skyward. The cycle continues until the enemy is destroyed.

Icicle-formed Snake (Tsuranaru Hebi)Edit

This technique involves using the icicles formed by Tsurara Mai to form a snake. Apart from being made of solid ice, this snake has icicles sticking out of its body. The snake usually bursts out and heads straight to the opponent however Tokiya is able to manipulate the snake's movement.

Forbidden Edit

Blood SwordEdit

This technique uses Tokiya’s blood as a medium to summon a powerful Undine, creating a Hiryu. A Hiryu is an Undine made of user’s blood which contains strong acid. The breakdown of food for energy in cells produces carbon dioxide. In the blood, carbon dioxide is converted into carbonic acid. The blade created from this blood melts whatever it touches and has concentrated acid in its tip. By using a regular undine this technique can be used to manipulate the water in Tokiya’s blood allowing him to solidify blood around his wounds and stop the bleeding in an instant.


Qinglong, the Master of Water: This card rules over the symbol of water, allowing user to manipulate water in various forms and can use it as a means of attack. The card heightens Tokiya’s significantly it allows generate water out of nothingness.

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