Tomas Bogard







Fighting Style

Bogard Style Street-Fighting


Power Wave: Ground-based energy projectile

Burn Knuckle: Ki-powered punch attack with high impact damage

Rising Tackle: Upward top-spin kick attack

Power Dunk: Ki-powered aerial punching dive

Crack Shot: Wide-range overhead kick

Super Combos

Power Geyser: High-yield energy spikes detonate at the impact point of the fist

Omega Wave: Massive ground-based energy assault blast

Aurora Fang: Extremely high-power all-or-nothing double attack. A blocking opponent will only be spared 1/5 of the full impact damage, as the first strike serves primarily to unbalance and break through defense

Born and raised in South Town, Tomas isn't exactly your everyday American teenager. Though he's into girls and video games like many guys his age, Tomas has a strong passion for martial arts. Though he finds time for other things, he continues to train every day and look for stronger opponents to challenge. Of course, he has no real goal for all his training, and in the long run, he's far more interested in keeping himself well fed and finding a girlfriend. After being beaten by Ranma Yagami, Tomas decided to stick around Japan rather than go back home, and continually spars with his slightly younger friend. As a result, he's staying at his Uncle Andy's house with his cousin, Min, and is sent to Furinkan High during his stay. He'll wish he'd have caught that return flight.

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