Toppatsu Higi Hyöga Reppö Soku


Instant Secret Art - Glacier Storm Breath

Having once been stuck in the freezer for several hours, Ranma was completely covered with ice - all water froze on contact with him, so if he got wet, he'd stay female. When Happosai tried to get Ranma with a bucket of water, Ranma blasted with a stream of cold air and flying ice shards. In TRTC, Ranma later adapts this with his old Soul of Ice training and elemental temperature control: he freezes his arms in a manner similar to his fight with Saffron, allowing him to use new variations of the Hiryu Shoten Ha (notably the deadly Hiryu Hyou Toppa).


For anyone who wants to use a variation of this technique it can also be said to be derived from Natsume’s style

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