A method that allows a martial artist to maximize their full hidden potential, which also has the side effect of allowing them to heal quicker than an ordinary person.


Puts the trainee in sync with the lie-lines of energy around them and blend them with the trainees own inner chi. the object of this lesson isn't to overwhelm and overpower the lei-lines with the relative strength of your egos. It is about matching resonances and allowing your aura to gradually synchronize together with it.


The trainee keeps projecting at lower levels until they agree on a harmony. From there they slowly intensify their ki until they can harmonize at a stronger level of projection. If they start to fall out of phase, they slow down and allow themselves to catch up. They work this up gradually until they have achieved a new level of parity. The stronger the level you can harmonize at, the better this will work when the trainee starts the next phase.


The master then instructs the trainees in how to gather all the harmonized energy and conduct that energy into a compact mass of spiritual energies with power enough to flatten a small building. If the ball falls out of balance or the trainee wavers slightly in his focus and concentration it could well mean disaster.

When trainee has the ball stabilized they level off and try to contain the power at that level. The trainee must keep their focus on the ki ball as at this level the soul energy contained within the sphere begins to show them a reflection of themselves. The reflections are not necessarily a mirror image of the truth but rather a product of their own thoughts and imaginations. The trainee must not be distracted by the images they see. They must learn to see beyond their own reflection.

When the sphere is once again stabilized the master will then integrate it into the trainees’ reserves. Death is a very-real possibility, if not from the backlash of chi shock, from the pain caused by this process.

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