The Trencard clone of Cologne.


Trencard Cologne has indigo-colored hair. Though not exceptionally tall, she carries herself with dignity and bearing worthy of a princess and her limbs are flawlessly well proportioned with curves to hip and chest that draws the eye and fevered the mind with sensuous thoughts of her potential. Her long dark blue hair, her deep green eyes, the lithe body almost the one of a dancer but with more strength and power than any of them. All of that makes her an incredible beauty. To prevent herself from going through the Trencard in order to keep her beauty she as to constantly heal herself (or get Tofu to do it) to make the necessary changes to her body on the cellular level while also maintaining her appearance.


The Mind… it is terrifying not because of its power to dominate, but because of its power to persuade. And Cologne was persuaded, thoroughly.


The visitors gave Cologne her youth back so Trencard Cologne not only does she have all of Elder Colognes skill knowledge but its all in a body not inhibited by the horrors of old age. Cologne is a technique genius the Trenchard version of her has all the originals techniques, plus a dozen or more others stolen from hunted down martial artists, and she seems to have amped most of those up even further given how she cleaned Elder Cologne's clock when they fought. 

Living Shark Fists: An attack with a massive amount of concussive force, she still uses these as part of a broader set of "utility" techniques (controlling the battlefield). This includes her "spear and shield" water technique. These moves alone nearly killed both X-Ranma and X-Ryouga, who survived mostly by improvisation and cheating.

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