Flowering Earth




Flowering Earth

User creates a massive assortment of stone spikes that explode from the ground in order to smash and pierce their opponents. The speed of the spikes is noted to be very quick, about as fast as if user were swinging a weapon in their hand, and their penetration power is noted to easily pierce metal. The size is quite large, and resembles a flower in its shape, hence the technique name.

  • Kusabanayari (草花槍, lit. "Flowering Spear"): This variant allows user to create a small scale version of Tsuchihana. This technique causes a series of stone spikes to shoot upwards from the ground to pierce targets.
  • Kyuushihana (弓矢花, lit. "Bow and Arrow Flower"): A variant of the Kusabanayari that instead condenses user’s spiritual power into the form of an earth spear. This form of attack is not limited to the earth, and can appear mid-air, allowing user great flexibility in dealing with aerial opponents.

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