Tsuchimegami no Tanjou
Earth Goddess




Birth of the Earth Goddess

One of Quake's most powerful and destructive techniques, it uses its earth affinity to manipulate the earth around user, tearing building sized chunks of rock, forest, anything affixed to the ground and causing the orbiting debri to collapse and compress into a large sphere. The technique while incredibly destructive is only the precursor to more dangerous and forbidden techniques.

  • Tsuchimegami no Kourui (地女神の紅涙, lit. "Earth Goddess Tears"): User crushes the "Earth Goddess" and rains debri over a much wider area. The damage is not as concentrated as "Wrath of the Earth Goddess" however it is used to cripple a large army, as opposed a single or very powerful opponent.
  • Tsuchimegami no Doki (地女神の怒気, lit. "Wrath of the Earth Goddess"): A technique said to have destroyed an entire army, user causes the "Tsuchimegami" to quickly rise into the air, and then hurl it from the heavens like a meteor. The destructive power of this technique is legendary, and of epic proportions, so much so that is considered a forbidden technique.

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