Soil Catfish

In its base state, Tsuchinamazu is an average katana featuring a tsuba that is rectangular in shape.

  • Shikai: When released with the command "Good Morning" (おはよう, ohayō), it takes the form of a wind and fire wheel with a wooden handle embedded in the blade. This handle is wrapped in blue fabric that descends in the form of two small ribbons, which are further accentuated by the addition of a small golden bell, at either end.

Shikai Special Ability: By slamming into and simultaneously piercing the ground, Tsuchinamazu is able to fissure a significant portion of the surrounding earth and cause the resulting shards to arise upwards. These shards can assume the form of sharp spikes that are capable of impaling enemies. It is also able to use these fragments of earth to fashion a primitive cage to completely trap an opponent within.

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