Tsukune Aono

No Title





Combat Rank


Common Sense, Diplomacy

Transformation Class


Ethical Disposition

Kind and forgiving, with an excellent perspective on human rights and moral philosophy

Became captain of the Protection Committee by accident after he decided to take on the old Enforcers to stop their campaign of thuggery and corruption. Although almost extraordinarily ordinary physically and not especially brilliant if one were to judge by his grades, Tsukune has been forced to adapt quickly to being a weak, squishy human in a school full of immoral, murderous monsters. As a result he's learned to suppress his fear and surprise in dangerous situations and think on his feet. If nothing else, Tsukune certainly impresses for possessing the affections of Kurumu Kurono and Moka Akashiya (though the latter won't readily admit it), and the loyalty of Ranma Saotome. Others are sometimes impressed by his fortitude of character on occasion, but by and large it's because he has such powerful friends that he occupies a position of power and responsibility.

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