The Tsume no Fuschichou is an exquisitely crafted katana that seems more for show then actual combat.

The blade is made of specially crafted steel that was said to be forged by the heat of a volcano, the steel is far above your average steel and it never dulls, even if slicing through boulders. On the blade itself is a small drawing of a Phoenix flying towards the point.

The hilt is made of straps of leather carefully tied around the hilt keeping the whole thing smooth and comfortable. On the bottom of the hilt is a ring attached and to that ring is a small string, and at the end of that string is said to be a feather from a Phoenix... Or maybe just some other common orange bird.

The blade is highly resistant to heat, and for good reason. The blade has a odd ability to have oil 'stick' to it rather then drip off, and then light it aflame.

Overview: - Steel that is immune to intense heat and to dulling. This does NOT mean it can block fire elemental attacks, it merely means extreme heat will not melt the blade.

- Oil has an odd tendancy to 'stick' to the blade, rather then drip off. Oil remains on the blade, if unburned. Possibly one could also coat the blade in poisions, and they too would last and if the blade manages to cause a wound to someone's flesh the liquid could enter the victim's blood.

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