Twilight is a large broadsword that measures out to a total of five and a half feet, or sixty-six inches. The hilt is crafted from a strong steel, and wrapped in an unknown, rubbery, black substance that molds to the wielder's hands, giving him a perfect grip. A steel sphere measuring three inches in diameter rests at the end of the hilt. Like the hilt, the substance that the blade is crafted from is unknown. It seems to be made of some type of gem, though it is finely cut, and much to strong to be formed by a normal blacksmith. The blade is a bright purple tint, and it's edges are wickedly sharp. This blade is known to most as the gem of Nor'Tok, a blade of immeasurable power. It was sealed away for fear of it's dangerous results. The blade creates a desire for death into the wielder turning them into a moral less killing machine.

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