Tycho Wattai




Mechanical and auto expert, Chief mechanic, Transportation, armor, and aerial operations expert

Combat Ability

Fair on the battlefield, with a taste for automatic weaponry. Has a tendency to get overzealous with both weapons and vehicles, sometimes causing either one to overheat or break down. Far more dangerous with a car than he is with a gun.





Personal Motto

"In the road of life, there are passengers and there are drivers. Yes, I got that from a car commercial. Buzz off."

Having been removed from a number of jobs for various auto-related incidents, Tycho has eventually found his way to the morally deficient and ultimately quite forgiving DAPC. Tycho claims to be able to operate any transportation vehicle ever made, and though he has a way to go before he can operate them WELL, so far his claim has proven technically true. He has a tendency toward joining Tiro in his womanizing, but is just as easily distracted at the prospect of letting loose in an automobile, or driving a tank "monster-truck-style" across a parking lot. His driving record has caused minor explosions in older computer models that try to upload it.

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