Ujyo Ken


Compassionate Fist

Compassion is defined as the ability to empathize with others while retaining distance and understanding the motivations of others. It is the spirit of compassion invoking it involves letting ones opponent come at them without worry or fear like a prayer for their benediction then using all of ones body and soul to stop them right in their tracks. A strike without a fist, a will without an intention, no fist, no intention that’s the spirit. In short a mental state without a mental state.

The heart of Ujyo Ken is merciful. Trying to counter force with force has the adverse effect especially with combat styles such as aikido and judo. User must renounce their defense they must not fear or hide from opponent’s attack, even before death they must not flee but instead pray for their attacker with compassion and know when to receive, in their body and soul. This is the spirit of compassion.

It is a technique of sacrifice that requires one give up their guard allowing the body to react instinctively to the blows coming and because of that they don’t try to fight against the force. In combat emotion is paramount and thoughts are intimately tied in with emotion. Spiritual Affinity Arts grants one a natural affinity with the emotional spectrum allowing user to compete on the same level as their opponent and tap into their aggressive battle auras to defeat them, using their strengths against them, as it were. Using this extra-ordinary fighting instinct which guides the body it becomes totally natural and the accuracy of the powers of their attacks beyond comparison.

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