Ukyo Kuonji (久遠寺 右京, Kuonji Ukyō) is Ranma Saotome's childhood friend and one of his three fiancées. After Ranma used Akane’s anger issues to leave for Kyoto without having to deal with anyone, in an effort to thwart the sinister plans of Daigo Mitsurugi,Ukyo and Konatsu searched for him before he could leave the city. When nothing turned out leaving the Ucchan’s in Konatsu’s care in order to travel towards Kyoto, in hopes of bringing Ranma back. She was convinced by Cologne to join Nodoka and Shampoo in her journey. Before they left Cologne gave Shampoo and Ukyo a ki manipulation school for them to learn on the way, however due to the stress of the situation she accidentally gave them a marital technique instead.  This caused the two to become incredibly close during their journey.

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