Ukyo is the mother of Ryo and co wife of Ranma Saotome. After escaping XCOM and finding out that Nabiki had implanting her with the ARMS core she and Ranma were given their toughest mission of all: to raise their son. Ukyo restarted her business and adapted to her civilian life wonderfully, and even to Ryo she was nothing more than a loving mother and CEO of a restaurant chain. But when danger threatens her son, Misa can still haul out Hera-sama and kick butt with the best. Ukyo is the current master of the Kounji School of Martial Arts Okonomiyaki Preparation. this plus her extensive military training allows her to take down large numbers of cyborgs and advanced humans with relative ease. Thanks to her Integrity Training Ukyo can manifest a battle spatula made of solidified ki at will that can slice through almost anything. Its strength depends on how much energy she focuses into it. At its lowest intensity the blade is invisible and materializes as she focuses more energy into it. Thus, the Spatula can only be detected by reading through Ukyo's movements, a feat that only fighters who match her level can do. Ukyo can control the length and the sharpness of the spatula. She is also able to channel her ki through the spatula and use it to send invisible waves of slicing energy. Over the years Ukyo has achieved great versatility when it comes to her ki contracts to the point where not only is she able to perform all of her Corpse Lantern techniques, but she no longer needs her Psi-Amp to do so. 


Ukyo represents Misa Takatsuki

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