Umezeki Tekai




Operations planning, Claims, Accounting, Budget and ordinance management, Technical assistant

Combat Ability

It's there, if not fairly stagnant from disuse.





Colonel Tekai is the very symbol of Japanese beaurocracy: slow, meticulous, inefficient, confused, and vastly ignorant. It's a huge mystery how someone as loose and irresponsible as Umezeki could have gotten into Core, but at the very least, he's popular among the troops. Of course, though he's a good military man at heart, General Remerick couldn't entrust the lives of so many men to him in good conscience, but was under a fair amount of pressure to promote the man. So now Colonel Tekai spends his days in the offices, filling out papers, ordering munitions, and training interns. Though Mia Tokima was fairly insulted to be promoted at the same time, thinking (correctly) that she was far better suited for the rank, she soon found that she could drop off her paperwork at Umezeki's office and he wouldn't notice it wasn't his. This has significantly freed up her schedule for operations and personal time.

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