Utakata Yojin (泡沫余燼, "Ephemeral Embers"): Like a raging inferno, the soul is a force that can burn bright as the heavenly sun, but should it burn to brightly, it will become nothing more than cinder and ash. But like a smoldering flame, it can be reignited and glorious once again. Through the breath, one can harness the infinite energies of the world, rekindle the fire within, and erupt with untold power! At its earliest development this technique allowed one, with a single breath to absorb the ambient energy from the environment to replenish one's reserves. Yet with training and mastery, this technique evolves, allowing the practitioner to draw in with a deep breath, vast amounts of spiritual power. In essence, user is capable of sucking in an oncoming energy based attack as though devouring it, only to absorb its energies and add them to their own temporarily.

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