"They say mighty Hercules, undefeated in battle, fell to the poison blood of the Hydra that seeped through his skin.”

Venom is a refined version of Chryssalid toxin, developed by Doctor Iosif Aliyev that is primarily used as more of a terror weapon and less a military one.


Venom is built like many viruses, as it makes contact with a cell's membrane, it inserts its genetic coding into the cell. The cell absorbs its genome into its own genetic make-up, which takes over the cell's functions. The cell begins to produce offspring of the original virus. The new viruses are then released from the host cell and infect the neighbouring cells, which starts the process all over again.

Venom kills and replaces mitochondrial organelles with a replica of itself. It then combines with other cells to produce energy. The energy produced is just enough to power the motor neurons and the basic lower brain functions. The reanimated host body is then left with the intense need to feed in order to replenish energy supplies without having to sacrifice its own tissue. Actions taken by the host in this time period greatly resemble that of "zombies" depicted in horror movies, and are thus dubbed by that name.

However, the Venom can only properly function by consuming the cell in order to produce its energy. This slow breakdown of cells leads to the gradual breakdown of the host, causing necrosis. It incorporates itself into the host's DNA, which substantially alters it.

Should the human host be alive at the time of infection, all higher brain functions are destroyed. This leaves only the cerebellum to govern behaviour. This leaves the infected host with a very animalistic behaviour. As the virus spreads, it damages the hypothalamus. This produces a massive flood of neurotransmitters, enzymes, and hormones such as norepinephrine and dopamine. These effects, combined with the painful symptoms of the infection, induce a psychotic rage, persistent hunger, and increased aggressiveness in those infected.

It had discovered that Venom when used on martial artists of the highest caliber produce a number unique results. Normally Chryssalid victims are animalistic and savage, without higher reasoning, and most importantly: unable to operate cooperatively. However years of instinct and reflexes granted to them by years, decades, centuries of training allow Venom infected warriors to keep all of their motor control, they can still move very quickly and climb obstacles. They can even form limited traps and attack patterns. In addition to this the energy proceed by the poison spreading through the body coupled with the limited brain function means they still will have access to their ki which will normally leave the body as it dies. However like their martial skills spiritual attacks are done completely done by instinct. Warrior’s infected by Venom can be seen more as nearly impossible to kill berserkers who will stop at nothing to kill any non effected around them then traditional zombies.

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