Venom Bite is the main attack of the Serpents Tongue. There are 4 variants of this move.


  • Venom Bite: This is the standard attack that begins with an odd snake stance with one hand on equal level with the eyes and the other beside the chest, with all the finger pointing straight forward and the body from the neck down positioned sideways. User than begins to slowly and rhythmically swing their hands and arms in a erratic pattern creating a mental extension of their spiritual power, creating instant unconsciousness between consciousnesses and disrupting a person's mind and/or thinking ability causing hypnosis and sensory paralysis in their foes. User can strengthen the effect by slowly rocking their whole body, as if they are dancing. It is meant to be used as either a beginning or final strike.  While the majority of the Serpents Tongue attacks follow an arcing line using the non dominant arm the Venom Bite executes the attack as a point using the dominant arm and thrusts the hand like a lance directly at the target. It is a technique that not only stabs the body, but disrupts your ki flow making it almost impossible to move your body correctly. Using precise accuracy, the attack can pierce through a throat, break bones, and smash a head to pieces. Even if the strike is dodged, user can instead dig their fingers into the target, as they can easily forget that a hand is originally something used to grab rather than punch. User can lift opponent with just their hand from this position and throw them at speeds of up to two hundred kilometers per hour due to their enhanced strength.
  • Rising Venom Bite: This attack is a to air combat. It is used against targets that dodge the initial strike by jumping in the air. User redirects their hand to point upwards at a diagonal and shoots into the air to stab at opponent.
  • Viper’s Pit: User leans forward with their arms crossed in an X formation with both hands pointing at opponent, and their legs facing forward before unleashing what can be described as the Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken combined with a regular snake strike.
  • Unknown: This attack allows user to damage opponent bluntly through armor to directly target the core of their body. This necessitates building a strong spine to contain the power and strong fingers to convey the strike. Since breath is important to any movement of the spine and ribs.

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