It is said that a technique from Spacial Void Fist can constrict an opponent's heart from 5 to 10 meters away. At first this technique seems to be nothing more then a powerful punch, however there is a high amount of complexity to it. The technique is all about timing, the timing between the body and ki to get synchronized to move your ki like you use your own body. Think of it as circulating the ki you pulled from your abdomen according to the movement of the body, and releasing it through your hand at the same time however if the technique isn't performed correctly the released ki will burst on the back of the hand causing great pain to user. when performed correctly The fist that flings the Void Strike Class in one blow destroys an objects entire defense causing it to be obliterated. the physics of a human body and an inanimate object are different however so while a person wont shatter or explode on impact this technique will completely rip through any defense opponent has causing great pain and injury.