Powerful wizards are always finding new ways to attempt to multiply their powers, and a great majority of them attempt to do so by imbuing their staves with magical abilities. That was in this way that the Walking Stick was created. A wizard, seeking to double his powers, misread an incantation while he was enchanting the staff. The spell, instead of increasing the wielder's magical abilities ten-fold, became strong and as hard as steel, but not quite as heavy. The staff took a dull grey color in place of it's previous wooden brown, and became all but useless to the old wizard who had enchanted it. He didn't have need for a warriors staff, what he needed was a staff that actually used magic. This staff is about five feet and eight inches tall. It is finely carved and obviously taken care of well. A dull grey hue replaces the previous brown of the wood, making it odd in appearance, but still not odd enough to take serious notice. This staff is a good solid weapon, being very fast and accurate, and having the advantage over most swords, since it is much longer and can reach further.

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