The Wan'nesu (ワンネス, Oneness) is an alternate method, designed to unlock a Yūo Kinme's potential in gaining and improving supernatural powers by changing the body to run in a different circuit.

History Edit

This is an alternative to Kyuukyou Shouten to achieve one’s Personal Reality developed by Eri Fujiwara and Kanzaki Kaori with the same limited knowledge that

Used. However since they didn’t have his expertise and he took his discoveries with him. In order to learn how to attain personal reality and powers Eri combined what little that was left with various concepts associated with it, such as basic Quantum Mechanic principles, as well as the effects of their ki.

Principles and Concepts Edit

The program's aim is for the Yūo Kinme to attain their own Personal Reality, a term referring to normal reality being replaced by a person's own reality, which is the basis for mastering Kabukiza. Through a series of tests, studies, lectures, medicines, body stimulations (drugs injected directly into a blood vessel, brain being pierced directly from behind the ears) and hypnosis, a person's brain can be modified so that they can unlock their very own Personal Reality. This runs the risk of trauma, tearing the blood vessels in brain and possibly something malignant such as RSPK Syndrome. 

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