The Water Arts (水術, Suijutsu?), one of the basic elemental type Kigata are techniques that allow the user to create water, by fusing their spiritual energy with the moisture in the air. One of the most versatile of the five basic elemental types, Suijutsu relates to flows, forms, cycles, combinations and manipulations. Its techniques can not only change shape but form as well. Moreover, the water becomes more solid in the process as well.

The water appears to do its damage from the sudden force that it exerts, which would cause massive internal damage to a human. Suijutsu will naturally extinguish fire (though a sufficiently powerful technique can cause evaporation) but will naturally be overcome by earth. When water techniques are combined with Wind techniques, the concussive and overall destructive power is vastly increased. Also, water is efficient in combination with lightning, increasing the flow of electricity into the target.

List of Suijutsu techniques


User focuses their spiritual energies fusing it with the moisture in the air. Users aura steadily builds as they focus soon the entire area is bathed in a bright, blue luminance. User then throws their arms forward and the entire battle aura goes crashing down towards opponent like a huge tidal wave.

Mist form: Exodieus

Water is not only the essence of carbon-based life; it comprises nearly eighty percent of the body with only a few chemicals and electrolytes holding the package together. Fusing Suijutsu with their battle aura grants user the ability to separate these molecule chains into their component constituent molecular packets and gain control over the fluidity of their body. This gives user the ability to become like water, ever changing, flowing and incompressible. When employing it he can instantly change partially or fully into a misty cloud enabling them to endure the most savage attacks without suffering injury by passing their atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the attack, almost like surfing on the tide as it. In this form user can travel as fast as the wind is blowing or if they don’t wish to move with the wind as fast as they could move when solid. Becoming partly solid doesn’t seem to interfere with their wafting on air currents. User can also will anyone or any other portable object they touch into turning into mist as well and traveling in their wake. User is also able to harden the water in their body and directed along a channeled stream allowing the limbs to strike with the explosive force of a geyser.

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