Muyghyj ygkyug




muchi uchi shou

Parent Technique

Sonia Road



The spin kick is a lower body technique in order for the lower body to turn momentum and a strong base are needed in this case the momentum is provided by the upper body in order to maximize the momentum of the upper body for any spin kick technique used the head must always finish facing the front it is said that the larger the momentum the greater the attack force this theory however results in a very small effective damage area. However in the Sonia road since the axis of rotation, center of gravity and starting point are all on the same plane it is possible to use the strength of both the upper and lower body simultaneously by twisting furthermore the momentum becomes more variable. The motion of the kick is used to twist the upper body at this point the foot becomes the base as it collects the most energy by accumulating this energy the users speed is dramatically increased over a short distance. Afterwards the base moves up through the knee to the upper body allowing a huge range of motion (about 240) and increasing the effective damage area dramatically.

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