Yasha Tankai Hō




Yasha Tankai Hō

Literal English

Demon-Guardian Searching-Sea Wrap


Ranma 1/2


Ki Manipulation

The final technique of the Umisenken and the ultimate counter to the vacuum blades of the Yamasenken. This technique is very complicated and requires a lot of setup, but if done properly will allow the user to "steal" the power of the opponent’s vacuum blades, and use it to bury them in debris. Masters of this technique are even able to steal/absorb ki from attacks for this technique. Using Goshin Dai Ryūsei Fu, the user fills it with stone fragments and various other debris while repeatedly running circles around opponent in order to loosen the soil with his feet, all the while using the Opening Stance to avoid counterattacks. He then leapt into the air and dropped towards opponent from above, blocking their retaliatory vacuum blades with the stuffed towel. The vacuum blades lose cohesion when pressed from above, forming a powerful vacuum that prevents opponent from moving while sucking up and dropping all of the loose dirt and rock fragments nearby onto him, completely burying him under a small mountain of debris.

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