Yoshi Konta


Head Biologist and Geneticist, Head Science Technician and Engineer


Dr. Jekyl, The Butcher, The Creator

Combat Ability






Head scientist at Wraith Labs, Yoshi is a masterful geneticist, having personally developed the genetic grafting techniques and modules used in the FA's biological soldiers. Truly a genius, he continues to make discovery after discovery while others are left trying to understand the fundamental technology of his designs. It is to Yoshi Konta alone that the Freedom's Angels owe their army of genetic monstrosities. Recently though, some have begun to question his motives, as the man already has access to far more money and power than he uses, and blatantly neglects to pursue more. Though he has proven faithful to his employers in the past, Alexandra in particular can't help but feel he's working toward a different goal.

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