Yukari Sendo


Intelligence Officer



Combat Rank



Magic, Academics, Trivia, Unconventional Lore

Transformation Class

None, witches are so near-human that a disguise is usually deemed unnecessary

Ethical Disposition

Quite neutral about most ethical dilemmas, Yukari makes decisions primarily based on what she wants and what others want rather than right or wrong. Although she restrains herself from doing evil deeds, this is at least as much because she's smart enough to foresee likely consequences as it is because evil deeds are bad (and she probably only even cares about that at all because Moka and Ranma do).

The group's token genius, Yukari is an 11 year old prodigy who's taken a romantic interest in Moka and practically worships Ranma, who she refers to as Senpai. Although previously she mostly concentrated on academic achievements, since meeting Ranma and seeing him overcome challenge after challenge with the depth and breadth of his physical arsenal and hard-earned skills, she's taken to studying more magic to increase her range of useful abilities for a given situation. Although she's the Intelligence Officer of the Protection Committee, she has little patience for spying on people or finding out secrets, and mostly contributes well-documented information and planning.

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