Yuri Xero







Planet of Origin

Morcan III

Combat Abilities

Not particularly adept at any combat skills.

Technical/Other Abilities

Educated and experienced in the art of diplomacy, Yuri is trained in perhaps the one function that the Knights of the Dark Moon don't use at all. While she can cook, a skill that's been highly appreciated among the crew, her skills still lie within befriending people and gleaning information.

The adopted daughter of an interstellar diplomat, Yuri was on Keeryu when it was assaulted by Shade forces. Without thinking of the consequences, Yuri boarded Ranma's ship after he saved her from a raging fire, only to learn later that they were pirates. Since then she's seen her homeworld assaulted by aliens and abandoned by its inhabitants, and now has nowhere else to go. Though she possesses little in the way of piracy skills, she's a quick learner, and without a home or family to return to, she seems willing to join Ranma despite her moral inclinations.

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