this is a powerful technique that absorbs the energy, strength, memories, and intelligence or thought pattern
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of another accepting any positive attributes their body lacks. Both participants usually must willingly consent to fuse in this manner and usually the pair agrees to the stronger of the two to serve their body as the host. however if an individual is strong enough they are able to use this technique by force. Both the host and his partner have separate consciences, where the host has control of the body while the partner just watches from inside the body, though they are capable of talking with the host's consent. Also, the non-host still retains his conscience; this greatly increases the host endurance, because if one portion of the mind is rendered unconscious the other portion can still fight. However this leaves the unconscious portions knowledge inaccessible. This technique can even be used on animals, non-mortals, even the dead. When used on non humanoid while the new being will still gain the creatures attributes its physical attributes will be almost completely unnoticeable. it is possible for a non-host to take of the host body but that requires that they ingest small amounts of the host cousciousness into their being until the host ceases to exist unfortunatly this requires a substanceal amout of time making it highly likely that the host will notice or the host body dies before they are able to complete the assimilation. over time the non host assimilates fully into the host conciousness. This is an incredibly versatile technique able to be used an unlimited amount of times, a great technique to be used in the heat of battle.

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