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Yuuri Kokuchouin is a fictional character in the manga series GetBackers. He's the eldest brother of Maiya Kokuchouin and Yohan Kokuchouin at the Kokuchouin Clan.

Background Edit

Her mother was a comcubine that carry him on her womb for twenty months until he tores his way out of her belly while swimming on her blood. At three days old, Yuri already had all of his teeth and at the age of 5, he "played" around other boys all day long and never let them win and if he looses; he punched them until he saw some blood. He was always determined to be the "winner", even though it was in a game. That is way his name is Yuri, meaning Play to win.

Abilities Edit

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Yuuri is a berserker who possesses none of the rationality or concepts like notions of detailed

tactics usually associated with the Fuuchouin art. He is an existence that can only utterly defeat the enemy from the front while leaving everything to his physical ability and brandishing his weapon to strike. Even in this state, he still manages to demonstrate master level hand-to-hand combat abilities. Although he lacks technique, his abilities are so beyond normal standards in power and speed that there is no room for the idea in the first place. "Technique" in battle is something invented by humans to compensate for their natural weaknesses, so such is unnecessary for he who possesses none. In addition to his incredible strength and super-normal physical abilities gained from training in the Bokyaku Kekkei he also mastered movement in the constantly shifting reality of the bounded field to the point where his movements appear to be a blur and even in some extremities he seems to change places almost instantly, so cornering him in battle is difficult. With his durability and the regenerative effects of the field providing great defense against attacks, he is able to fight without even thinking of defense.

As a master of the Ura-Fuuchouin he specializes in the Materialization technique and has mastered all weapons from spears, axes, solid iron hammers, ect. He brandishes his materialized weapons with ease due to his extreme strength, and he causes large amounts of destruction with each swing. He is able to easily push back even strong opponents who are capable of blocking his strikes. Each of his attacks is a fatal blow that needs to be blocked or dodged.

His instinct and intuition gained throughout his many ordeals and adventures is a troublesome ability for his opponents, allowing him to keep from falling for half-hearted feints even against seasoned warriors.

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