Zantetsuiichou (Iron Killing Clothes) is the perfected form of the Tetsununo. It allows the user to transform any cloth into a living weapon or armor. The cloth is bathed in users ki aura allowing the ki to melt along its structure, becoming apart of the very fibers that compose the clothing, making it sterner, more resistant. In addition the Zantetsuiichou instantly stiffens upon contact with opposing energy. The cloth becomes an extension of users will responding to their thought tearing from the cloth in long ribbon like strips, that depending on the user’s strength can be handled as deft as their own limbs. The higher skill level the user has, the more ribbons they can wield, as each ribbon requires a certain amount of concentration and energy. However since Zantetsuiichou can be used both offensively (in ribbon form) and defensively (when wrapped around the body) user has to be wary of just how many they wield. They cloth can be used for a variety of purposes, such as be turned into any and every kind of weapon, and if user wants that extra bit of power, he has to devote his full concentration to it. Having this one of a kind weapon, user is able to even defeat the most powerful of conventionally armed enemies.

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