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This technique is achieved through the minute alteration of the specific frequency at which the molecular structure that comprises the entirety of users respective physical composition vibrates, this distinctive deviation of PSI allows user and any objects he maintains direct contact with to effortlessly phase through the majority of solid materials, without inflicting irreparable damage to either of the articles in question.[10] The limitations of this ability extend beyond solely inorganic substances allowing user to conduct the vicious removal of a targeted individual’s organs, while leaving the remainder of the intended victim intact.[11] These abnormal capabilities also confer numerous advantageous defensive properties upon their manipulator, by enabling him to effectively become momentarily unassailable if he perceives an attack before it occurs, either by becoming intangible and simply permitting the offending object to harmlessly continue along its current trajectory or by depositing himself within a suitably durable construction.[12] However; in actuality Eiji's corporal form does not in fact pass definitively through the relevant items but instead conforms to the dimensions of said object, whereby he can assimilate his body into the immediate surroundings and deposit discrete portions of his entity within the confines of the present terrain. This offers a further level of protection as user can displace the correct positioning of his vital components, while reinforcing those that cannot be relocated with a small amount of the presently fused material. Skilled users can merge their intended victim to whatever substance he is currently incorporated into.[13] User is able to substantially and drastically distort the construction of the material he is presently influencing in order to attack opponents, by warping the dense matter into a solidified wave that he subsequently directs with the intention of literally crushing any opposition.[14]

Zone Diver: Flick Doll (lit. zone diver: puppet)

Through the integration of the entirety of his physical entity into the surrounding environment, user is capable of

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materializing an innumerable quantity of limbs emanating from any of the superficial surfaces within the immediate vicinity, fabricated by an appropriate combination of a minute proportion of his own distinct molecules and the assimilated substance. Each of these individual arms possesses similar properties to user's typical appendages with the evident exception of their capability to extend extensively in length; however, more importantly they still retain the faculty to utilize user's respective fundamental ability. As these extremities are primarily exploited in order to grasp and restrain the present foe, the aforementioned attribute increases the efficiency at which these aims can be achieved, as far greater vital and secure interior anchors such as the skeletal structure can be seized. During this process user emits no detectable characteristic presence, making it difficult for adversaries to ascertain his exact inhabited destination, significantly reducing their opportunity to initiate a successful counter.[15]

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